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Foundations Discipleship Course Part 1

Foundations Course - 1. God, Sin, and the Savior

I – The Kingdom and Glory of God – Why God created everything and what His kingdom is.

II – Sin and Condemnation – What sin is, where it came from, and its consequences explained.

III – The Son of God – Who Jesus is, why He’s the solution to the problem of sin, and what it means to follow Him.

2. Salvation and Identity

IV – Repentance, Faith, and Grace – What it means to be saved and how to obtain salvation through repentance and belief in Jesus.

V – The Holy Spirit and the Baptisms – Who the Holy Spirit is and His role in the lives of believers. What water baptism is and what it’s for.

VI – Resurrection, Fear, and Judgment – What Jesus’ resurrection means for us today and in the age to come. How God will judge the world and why we should fear Him.

VII – The New Creation + Renewal of the Mind – Part 1 – Your true identity in Christ, the power therein, and what it means that your spirit is saved, while your mind and body are not.

3. The Disciple's Lifestyle

VIII – Renewal of the Mind Part 2: Obedience and Growth – How to use the Bible to identify your growth points, overcome weaknesses, and create habits of obedience to God.

IX – Prayer + Hearing the Spirit – Part 1 – The importance of prayer and hearing the Holy Spirit’s voice.

X – Hearing the Spirit – Part 2 – How to grow in hearing God’s voice, through daily, biblical practices.

XI – The Fellowship of the Saints – What it means to be a part of a church-family, why it’s critical to have one, and how to pick one.

XII – Order in the Home and the Church – Understanding the differences between men and women in how they grow and live obediently in the home and the church.

XIII – Kingdom Stewardship – How to use your time, money, and body in a way that honors God and builds up the kingdom of God.

XIV – Winning the Lost – How to be effective at winning unbelievers to Christ.

XV – Suffering and the End – Understanding the importance of suffering, and why accepting hardship is necessary for you to stay strong, given the increasing evil in the world.

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